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IFATSEA is the International Federation for Air trafic Safety Electronics Associations units the professional associations of ATSEP Air trafic Safety Electronics Personal.

What is Our Goal?

The aims and problems related to electronics for air safety are generally similar throughout the world. These aims and the solutions of the related problems can best be achieved by international cooperation, mutual understanding and exchange of ideas, information and experience. It is fitting, therefore, that, Air Traffic Safety Electronics personnel at all levels and of all nations should unite in a worldwide professional Federation which is based upon the principle of cooperation in all professional matters. Further, it must be emphasised that the Federation is independent of profit making or political motives, essential requirements for international co-operation.

  • To operate as a non-political Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations
  • To promote safety and efficiency in the international air navigation system
  • To assist and advise in the development of electronics systems in order to maintain the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic
  • To uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel

Welcome message 48th IFATSEA GA

by Thorsten Wehe, President of IFATSEA

It is a pleasure and a great honour for me to welcome IFATSEA Delegates and IFATSEA Partners from around the world for the 48th IFATSEA General Assembly and to be able to meet with you all here in the lovely city of Hammamet in Tunisia.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to our colleagues from ATENA (ASSOCIATION TUNISIENNE DES ELECTRONICIENS DE LA NAVIGATION AERIENNE) with the highly appreciated support by OACA (OFFICE DE L'AVIATION CIVILE ET DES AEROPORTS), the Tunisian Air Navigation Service Provider and Event Gold Partner for hosting this event, providing such excellent meeting facilities and for the hospitality.

Our objective is to provide a forum for aviation experts. Through this Assembly we will review the latest trends and developments, discuss common challenges and explore practical, effective and collaborative solutions to ensure the sustainable development of global air transport system. Civil aviation has a long tradition of dialogue and openness. Since the first commercial flight, international air transport has thrived on a free-flow of information and constructive cooperation. Today, it is by far the world's safest and most efficient mode of mass transportation, not to mention a powerful engine of economic and social development everywhere that aircraft fly.

I'm looking forward to welcome you to discuss the future of ATSEP!
Thorsten Wehe
President of IFATSEA

Welcome message 48th IFATSEA GA

by Ing. Frank Kofi Apeagyei, IFATSEA Africa Region Director

Africa is proud to once again welcome all ATSEPs from all the five continents of the world as well as other professionals to the beautiful and lovely tourist city of Hammamet in Tunisia. Region Africa congratulates ATENA (ASSOCIATION TUNISIENNE DES ELECTRONICIENS DE LA NAVIGATION AERIENNE) - the ATSEPs in Tunisia and OACA (OFFICE DE L'AVIATION CIVILE ET DES AEROPORTS), for the decision to host the 48th IFATSEA General Assembly. This will be the second time the event is being hosted in Northern Africa and the third time in Africa. This underscores the preparedness and readiness of Africa to contribute effectively to the development and sustenance of an efficient aviation industry.

Our industry in aviation is Air Navigation Services primarily for the provision of air traffic services ATS). Human being is always at the center of the ATS system. Technological advancement has brought in its wake transformations in the aviation industry. The men and women at the center of this digital applications include ATSEPs, a key and critical part of the aviation safety chain. The proper recognition for the ATSEP job in ICAO Annex1is critically important.

The theme for the Assembly is "Digital transformation and its impact on CNS/ATM Systems challenges for ATSEP - Are we ready?" Come let us answer the question of readiness to the world in order to provide our continuum assurances to the air travelling passengers whiles looking forward to an ICAO decision that will empower the safety regulators with the tool to confirm ATSEPs competences and current knowledge required to fulfill their duties in this emerging digital transformations era in the aviation industry impacting on the CNS-ATM systems. The ATS provisions is gradually shifting from radar base services to trajectory base, from voice to data and from traditional ground based nav-aids to performance base navigation satellite services. Most Air Navigation Service Providers are already in advance stage of digitally transforming their CNS/ATM environment with new technologically systems but what remains to be proven is whether these transformations by their design can work for long periods without human interventions.

On behalf of the Region Africa, I invite and welcome you all once again to join us reason together for the future, development and sustenance of this great industry and our profession!

Welcome message 48th IFATSEA GA

by Khaled Nsiri, 48th IFATSEA GA Chairman Conference & event manager

We are very pleased to be given the opportunity and the privilege of hosting all the Associations around the world and belong to IFATSEA of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEPs), which are the authorized personnel who are proven competent to install, operate, maintain, release and return into operations CNS/ATM equipment, (ATSEP is almost considered the brain of the ANS: Doc 7192 ICAO - Updated by Doc 10057 ICAO), in the 48th IFATSEA General Assembly. This important assembly organized by the ATENA association and sponsored by Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (O.A.C.A), will be held in HAMMAMET, TUNISIA and will run from 04-09th of November 2018. You will find, God willing, that we have organized an excellent Assembly
We will do our utmost to make this Assembly a success
I hope that you enjoy the beauty of Tunisia.
Dedication to the righteous martyrs of Tunisia!!
Kind Regards!

Eng. ATSEP Nsiri Khaled
IFATSEA Strategy officer for North Africa
Tunisian ATSEPs Association (ATENA) executive secretary
48th IFATSEA GA Chairman Conference & event manager

Tunisian ATSEPs in action!

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In case of the absence of diplomatic consuls or diplomatic representation in your country, the visa could be handed by the border police stations in Tunisia. For this purpose and to facilitate the process of obtaining the entry visa to the Tunisian country, please send to visa@ifatseaga2018.org a scan of passport before the 20 October.

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